jansen montgomery: character interview

Today’s interview features Jansen, who has a way of catching those around her completely off guard with sporadic and unexpected glimpses into a past few of her friends can fully grasp. Like sophomore year of college, when Lorylyn, Kylar, and Zibby learned her parents disowned her at 16 because of a drug overdose, or when they found out her big sapphire ring has a secret none of them could have guessed. Or a few years later, when Jansen told them about her life growing up in New York, a story Lorylyn calls the craziest one she’s ever heard, yet a story none of them even knew existed before that night. In A Stranger Thing, more secrets from Jansen’s past will make themselves known, and her new boyfriend Thaler is in for quite a shock. Or maybe a few shocks…

Jansen, one of the main characters in A Stranger Thing (doll created at dollzmania.net)

Jansen, one of the main characters in A Stranger Thing (doll created at dollzmania.net)

-What’s your name?

~Jansen Montgomery

-How old are you?


-Where do you live?

~In three months I’ll be moving to Chicago to live w/ my friends Kylar and Xav and my boyfriend-to-be Thaler. 🙂 He just asked me, the morning we were moving out of our house in Irvine, Indiana, where we went to college and lived with a bunch of our other friends, to be his girlfriend when I get to Chicago in the fall. In the meantime, for this summer, I’m living in New York City with my best friend Jason and his roommate Sinead.

-If you were an alcoholic beverage, which one would you be and why?

~I would be a gin and tonic because my life looks transparent and harmless, but if you get close enough for a real taste of my story, it’ll be hard to swallow and linger long after. 😉

-What’s your biggest secret?

~Probably my past. I don’t think of it as a secret, but only a few people know about it. By my past, I mean growing up in NYC w/ Jason and everything that happened there.

-What’s the biggest surprise we’ll see from you in A Stranger Thing (without giving too much away, of course)?

~I don’t know, because actually there are a lot of surprises. Maybe what happens in Budapest…or what happens later b/c of Budapest, or maybe the person who contacts me totally out of the blue, or maybe the very end of the book, when you find out something I’ve been keeping secret for a year at that point.

-What’s one thing that happens in A Stranger Thing that you would change, if you could (again, without giving too much away)?

~I would change how things ended in Budapest and how I was out of touch w/ the most important person in my life for a few months. I don’t think it would’ve had to happen that way.

-Thanks, Jansen! To read about Jansen’s college years and learn more bits and pieces of her past, check out All That Sparkles Isn’t Real Sapphire and I Don’t Want the Rest of Your Life. But don’t expect all the answers…those will be coming in a trilogy called Not Like Paradise, the full story of Jansen’s life from ages 14 to 18.

If you haven’t already, make sure to read the other character interviews for A Stranger Thing: Lorylyn, Kylar, Zibby, Brady, Xavier, Taylor, and Cade!

Tomorrow’s interview will be with Jansen’s best childhood friend and other half, Jason! He’s the only one who knows everything about Jansen’s past…but no, he’s not telling yet either. 🙂 Still, come find out what he does have to say…it’ll be good. 😉 See you tomorrow!

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