brooke carlson: character interview

Today’s interview features Brooke, who, along with Lorylyn and Brady, dates back to the Spin the Bottle days. And yes, “dates” is an interesting word to use with those 3 names in the same sentence. 🙂 While Brooke hasn’t made an appearance in a scene since 2001, in A Stranger Thing it’s May 2009, and she’s back full force. And if she’s anything like she was 8 years ago, that’s probably not good news for many, if any, other characters. 😉

brooke stranger

Brooke, one of the main characters in A Stranger Thing (doll created at

-What’s your name?

~Brooke Carlson

-How old are you?


-Where do you live?


-If you were an alcoholic beverage, which one would you be and why?

~I would be a White Russian because it’s cloudy and you can’t see what’s hidden beneath the surface. I buried my past a long time ago when I moved to Chicago, and I thought it had sunk all the way to the bottom, but the problem w/ a White Russian is all the different kinds of alcohol tend to swirl together so you can’t really tell what’s where, and something you didn’t realize was working its way up can suddenly surface.

-What’s your biggest secret?

~A 9-year-old ghost.

-What’s the biggest surprise we’ll see from you in A Stranger Thing (without giving too much away, of course)?

~I think you’ll see 2 big surprises from me, the first being the way I’m reintroduced into the storyline and Lorylyn’s life, and the second being a friendship that gets rekindled…or maybe not even rekindled, because it was a pretty threadbare friendship the first time around. We’ll just say a relationship that gets started back up…and this time I would call it a friendship. And I’m pretty happy about it. 🙂

-What’s one thing that happens in A Stranger Thing that you would change, if you could (again, without giving too much away)?

~Well, that’s a tough question. As the book goes on, there are a lot of things I would change in the moment or even several weeks afterward. But by the end…I’m not sure I’d change anything that actually happens in this book. Just something from way back in the day.

-Thanks, Brooke! This concludes this series of character interviews for A Stranger Thing, but stay tuned for more on the book as the release date gets closer! In the meantime, be sure to check out the other character interviews: Lorylyn, Kylar, Zibby, Brady, Xavier, Taylor, Cade, Jansen, Jason, Thaler, and Kella!! Thanks for reading! 🙂


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