brady cash: character interview

Time for the next character interview in the A Stranger Thing interview series! So far we’ve heard from Lorylyn, Kylar, and Zibby, and if you missed those, you can read them by clicking the character’s name! Today’s featured character is Brady, who is Lorylyn’s ex-boyfriend and has a long, drawn-out, troubled history with her over the past 12 years. Most recently, they are slowly rebuilding their friendship after a huge fight and 7 months of silence. Within the last year, Brady also had a five-year relationship with his most recent ex…and fiancée…Holly, end in disaster. You’ll hear a little more about that if you read the book! 🙂

-What’s your name?

~Brady Cash

-How old are you?


-Where do you live?

~I live in Denver; I’m a shortstop for the Colorado Rockies.

-If you were an alcoholic beverage, which one would you be and why?

~I would be a Shiner Bock. I came to love that beer while living in Texas during college and the first few years after. I feel like by looking at the bottle, you don’t know what it’s going to taste like, and sometimes I don’t know if I really even know myself or what I’m ever going to do or why I do it.

-What’s your biggest secret?

~Well, it’s actually one that was kept from me for several years, which I find out about in A Stranger Thing. Okay, well that’s not fair…somebody tried to tell me about it a long time ago. But I didn’t believe it then, and now…well, even after I know, it’s still pretty much a secret, because only a couple other people know about it.

-What’s the biggest surprise we’ll see from you in A Stranger Thing (without giving too much away, of course)?

~Maybe the effect that finding out that secret has on me and on a couple relationships in my life. That has probably been the biggest surprise to me.

-What’s one thing that happens in A Stranger Thing that you would change, if you could (again, without giving too much away)?

~I would go back and tell myself to stop making excuses and face things head-on. There’s a lot of missed time I’ll never get back, and although I don’t think the outcome of things would’ve been different, I wish I had handled it differently.

Ok, thanks, Brady! These guys are doing a good job not giving too much away, but hopefully they’re making you curious! 😉 Tomorrow you’ll hear from Xavier, one of the guys Kylar talked about in her interview…and who’s also the focus of some of her songs. 🙂

Happy wondering. 🙂