kylar landell: character interview

Time for the second character interview for my upcoming novel, A Stranger Thing! If you missed the first one yesterday, featuring Lorylyn Porter, check it out here: Lorylyn’s interview. Today’s character is Kylar Landell, who attended Irelan University in Irvine, Indiana with Lorylyn, and has been working at a bank in Irvine since graduating 3 years ago. But her real interests are music…and boys. And she just might have the craziest love life of all the characters. 😉

Kylar, one of the main characters in A Stranger Thing (doll created at

Kylar, one of the main characters in A Stranger Thing (doll created at

-What’s your name?

~Kylar Landell

-How old are you?


-Where do you live?

~I’m moving from Irvine to Chicago. I’ll be living w/ some of my Irelan roommates, Jansen, Thaler, and Xav.

-If you were an alcoholic beverage, which one would you be and why?

~I’d be a Naked Surfer, the drink my friends and I made up in college. It’s rum, beer, and Hawaiian Punch. I’d be that ‘cause I’m a little bit of a lot of different things. I was a business major, but my real passion is writing songs. My friend Xav thinks I’m a player and hook up w/ all these guys, but I’ve really only ever slept w/ 3 guys, and I loved them all. So I’m kinda innocent, but I’m also not a pushover. My songs are definitely not happy love songs… 🙂 I’m kinda low-maintenance like beer, but w/ a hard edge like rum, and a splash of color, like Hawaiian punch. Fitting that it’s red…it probably represents my bleeding heart from all the guys who’ve broken it. :p

-What’s your biggest secret?

~I’ve been in love w/ my roommate Xav for the entire 8 years I’ve known him. We hook up, but he has no idea I have real feelings for him. It’s why I let him think I’m just like him…a player. I guess another part of that secret is I also think he might be in love w/ me and not even know it or be willing to admit it to himself.

-What’s the biggest surprise we’ll see from you in A Stranger Thing (without giving too much away, of course)?

~I’ve had 3 guys in my life over the last few years. At the beginning of A Stranger Thing, I write a song called “1 Down” about one of them, Hersh, getting married. At the end of the book, I write a song called “2 Down.” I think the biggest surprise is who that one’s about and how it ends.

-What’s one thing that happens in A Stranger Thing that you would change, if you could (again, without giving too much away)?

~Um. I mean, the whole way the relationship in the question above ends. I’m not saying I want that relationship back, and maybe if it hadn’t ended in such a shitty way, I wouldn’t have felt any closure over it. But still, it was awful, and who wants that?

-Thanks, Kylar! Kylar is also a main character in All That Sparkles Isn’t Real Sapphire and I Don’t Want the Rest of Your Life. And you can read some of the songs she wrote prior to A Stranger Thing here: Kylar’s songs! Teaser…one of the songs will reappear in A Stranger Thing…in a pretty dramatic way. 😉 Tomorrow, look for the next interview in the series, with Lorylyn and Kylar’s college friend and Lorylyn’s future business partner Zibby!

Zibby, one of the main characters in A Stranger Thing (doll created at

Zibby, one of the main characters in A Stranger Thing (doll created at

Until next time… 🙂